Nicholson Street, Abbotsford

This 2-level penthouse was housed in a quality refurbishment of a c1893 church. The intent for the styling was to not detract attention away from the interior architecture but to act as an extension of it. It was a unique and fun build – we wanted the styling to be cohesive with the space and appear as though the fit out was also done by the designers/ architects themselves. The demographic of the potential buyer and general area was also a consideration in our selection – because of this it meant we could venture outside the box slightly.

The interior had wow factor even when unfurnished so it was very important that we didn’t overshadow the existing spatial quality. Hence we used quite a neutral colour palette and also carried through the architectural finishes (black steel etc.) into the furniture selection. We softened the raw materials of the space via layering of soft furnishings, and added punches of colour and fun with the art.